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Academic Curriculum

Main objectives

  • To provide a nurturing atmosphere conducive to learning.
  • To motivate pupils to put in their best.
  • To work individually and in groups.
  • To build confidence to face any challenge.
  • To respect peers and adults.
  • To be involved in all aspects of school activities.
  • To foster analytical, evaluative and decision making skills.
  • To promote all round development – physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social.
  • To instill in the children values to help stay grounded in this ever-changing world.

Educational Method

At BPIS, we nurture a child’s growth and learning from the early years to the threshold of entering the world of professional courses. We believe school is a place of learning, growing and creating memories. We provide education that encourages critical and creative thinking. We prepare your child to face life itself. Here is an overview of the programs offered at BPIS.

BPIS focuses on the play way method and learning through doing, reasoning and experiencing. Pre- reading and pre- writing activities are taken up at the Nursery level, followed by activities for development of language and mathematical skills at Junior K.G and Senior K.G. levels. Our entire program seeks to support the young child (and their family) in their journey of becoming lifelong learners. Other enrichment activities include music, yoga or dance, each taught by teachers who are specifically trained in these disciplines. Our Pre-primary children also enjoy the resources of an entire school community including a spacious, beautiful library, complete with a broad selection of books for the young reader. Students also enjoy exploring music and performing arts.
Our elementary program continues the practice of learning through exploration and enjoyment. The program is inclusive of both curricular and co-curricular subjects such as yoga, music, dance, karate and physical education. A theme based curriculum is followed throughout the year whereby they learn subjects such as Maths, Science,Social Science,Languages and Arts revolving around a particular theme. Conceptual Maths and Reading instruction focus on developing skills and meeting the individual needs of our students. Other methods emphasized are:
  • Collaborative learning
  • Integrated learning
  • Inquiry based learning
Teaching aids such as books, pictures, charts, projects, films, models and power point presentation are used at all levels to enhance the learning process. Students are taken for field trips for firsthand experience. State of the art technology programs and applications ensure development of 21st century skills. Subjects include English, Mathematics, Environmental studies, Hindi, Marathi, Life Skill, Art, Music Yoga, and Physical Education.
Our program is designed to enable the development of sound judgment. It is guided by the fundamental concepts that are rooted in our mission statement.
Holistic learning
Representing the notion that all knowledge is interrelated and that the curriculum should cater to the development of the whole person.
Intercultural awareness
Representing the notion that school communities should encourage and promote international mindedness by engaging with and exploring other cultures, a key feature of international education.
Communication serves as a foundation for planning and organizing, promoting motivation, altering individual's attitudes and in socialization. It can be both verbal and non verbal. We encourage open and effective communication to contribute to the individual’s growth which enables him to relate well to the ever changing dynamics of the society and the world. Subjects include English, Mathematics, History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Hindi, Marathi, Art, SUPW,Dance, Life skill, Yoga, Physical Education and Music. At present the school has classes up to Std – VII adding one class every year.
Continuous and comprehensive systems of evaluation, both formative and summative. Assessments are an ongoing process monitoring all aspects of learning. They may be in the form of orals, written and activity based. The projects help in developing both comprehensive and analytical skills.

Teacher Enhancement Program

The need of students is changing very rapidly and it is important for educators to cater to those changes. Hence the teachers are sent regularly to workshops and seminars where in they revisit the concepts pertaining to their area of specialization, share ideas and get introduced to the latest teaching methodologies and classroom strategies.