About Us

Bombay Presidency International School (BPIS) is a flagship school located in the city of Mumbai, Mulund. Our mission is to prepare students to contribute to society, continue to learn and confidently embrace the challenges of a competitive and ever-changing world.

Bombay Presidency International School, is a co- educational school established in September 2011, located in the prime residential area of Mumbai, Mulund East.

Administered by the “Mulund Education Trust” which is an offshoot of “The Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Mulund” from 1957. “Mulund Vidya Mandir (Mulund-W)” also run under its aegis of institutions.            

A deep educational philosophy guides high academic expectations that are linked to transformative opportunities for personal growth and development through extensive co-curricular activities, meaningful community engagement and an exceptional outdoor education programme. Our Desired Learning Outcomes apply to both adults and students in the community and informs decisions taken at every level.

Our Guiding Principles help inform and provide direction in everything we do.

Our Motto – “Education Liberates”

As is known “Education Liberates” us from ignorance, darkness and despair. Whereas knowledge leads to reflection , introspection and action.


To establish an educational institution traditional, yet progressive in its outlook, catering to the global demands.


To provide a healthy harmonious and inspiring atmosphere for the child to grow as an all round individual, ingrained in ethical values, ready to face the challenges of this ever changing world.

Our Education Method

Our teaching methodologies inspire a love for learning and encourage critical thinking. Teachers make sure that students acquire a strong foundation in each subject and we ensure our students with a view of all round development. Our education method includes the following – 

1. Character Development

We firmly believe in the importance of character development, ethics and values. Our school promotes an inclusive and respectful environment where students learn to become responsible citizens who are compassionate, honest and empathetic. Through various activities, programme and community service we help instil in our students a strong sense of social responsibility and develop their leadership skills.

2. Co curricular Activities

Co curricular Activities are considered an integral component of the educational experience, offering students their horizon beyond the classroom. Activities beyond classroom will offer opportunities for students to explore their interest, develop their talent and learn valuable lifeskills.

3. Technology Integration

We at BPIS believe that technology lends as the multidimensional tool that assists the process of learning. Technological integration positively affects the students achievement and academic performance. We ensure that students take responsibility for their learning outcomes, while teachers become guides and facilitators.  

4. Parent Involvement

We believe that education is a collaborative effort between the school and parent. We encourage open communication & active participation from parents. Regular parent teacher interactions, workshops and events provide opportunities for parents to actively engage in their child’s education and contribute to their overall development. 

5. Teachers Training Programme 

We at BPIS believe in teacher training with various programs, policies, procedures, and provisions designed to equip (prospective) them with the knowledge, attitudes, behaviours, approaches, methodologies and skills they require to perform their tasks effectively in the classroom, school, and wider community.

Contact Info
  • Bombay Presidency International School, Thakur Nagar, Sant Ramdas Road, Near J.P.M. Society, Mulund (E),Mumbai 400 081.
  • +91 8879380777
  • admin@bpismumbai.com