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“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.” –  Sydney J. Harris

At BPIS , we strive to provide a nurturing and conducive environment that promotes the holistic development of students. We endeavour to provide the best education in terms of quality education and infrastructure.

At the heart of our educational philosophy we believe that education encompasses more than just academic excellence. Committed to fostering the overall growth of our students, ensuring that they thrive intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially.

As a Chairman of this institution, I am committed to uphold the highest standards of education and students to become lifelong learners, critical thinkers and compassionate individuals.

Together lets us embark on a path of holistic development, enabling our students to reach their full potential by taking firm steps forward in order to contribute to the future of our country and help realise the objectives and dreams.

Mr. Shashank Mhatre, Chairman

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  • Bombay Presidency International School, Thakur Nagar, Sant Ramdas Road, Near J.P.M. Society, Mulund (E),Mumbai 400 081.
  • +91 8879380777