Principal’s Message

To attain a stature of magnanimity and to constantly enforce the driving spirit to maintain and balance the same stature indeed deserves a standing ovation. It is prudent enough to break the prosaic approach to imparting education and creating an erudite generation in its real sense. Bombay Presidency International School has gone a step ahead in being the torchbearer to this quintessential phenomenon of ‘moulding ordinary minds into extraordinary individuals.’

The present canvas portrays a mosaic of accolades and multifarious feathers in the cap which intrepidly refracts our fundamental ideals through the prism of our belief in ourselves.

We, the educators, endeavor to usher in the rainbow of happiness and joy in everyone’s mind. And this is no child’s play. It is like treading along the razor’s edge wherein the subtlest of mistakes is likely to fling us into the abyss of disgrace.

To activate the latent potentials and bring them to the fore, is the ultimate mantra of the BPIS. The ignited minds are encouraged to provide a mind spark of sorts to the plethora of life-long learners whose determination and wit reclaim and acknowledge our existence and vision to “Guiding Bright Minds”.

Ms. Adita Dogra, Principal

Contact Info
  • Bombay Presidency International School, Thakur Nagar, Sant Ramdas Road, Near J.P.M. Society, Mulund (E),Mumbai 400 081.
  • +91 8879380777