Joshua Jordan

With Immense Pleasure we would like to thank Team BPIS. In these delicate early Learning years, we as a Parent are quite confident that we’ve made the absolute right choice for our son, BPIS has provided an array of learning opportunities to our children. Its curriculum is well planned, and a perfect mix of interactive, interesting sessions which accommodate the needs of children at this age. We sometimes amaze to see that our tiny tots have started operating laptop along with Team’s software for meeting, which was almost next to impossible for us at that age. It could have not been possible without the School managementā€™s initiative for virtual schooling during this Pandemic. Kudos to BPIS Kids and teachers!

Contact Info
  • Bombay Presidency International School, Thakur Nagar, Sant Ramdas Road, Near J.P.M. Society, Mulund (E),Mumbai 400 081.
  • +91 8879380777